Megan Easterday of Easterday Creative | Charlotte editorial, brand and interior design photographer

Hiya! I'm Megan Easterday!

As a photographer, I am granted access to the most intimate moments of peoples’ lives. I laugh with you. I cry with you. Often we become pretty great pals! That being said, it is my desire to capture moments that show the real you. Whether it means I have to crack a ridiculous joke, or sing to you, I will do what it takes to get the shot!

My style of photography resides between that of a journalistic photographer and a fine artist. I don’t pose as much as traditional photographers, however, I do help direct as I know it’s unlikely you’ve had many instances of being in front of a professional photographer. I don’t like contrived moments, but we LOVE to be artsy! So that means a mixture of real moments AND something you’d find on the cover of Vogue. However, my number one goal is to make you comfortable in order to allow you to shine.

Easterday Creative | Photographer and visual storyteller for rad humans and unique brands

Happily living at the intersection of fine artist and flower child...

When I'm not doing my photo "thang," I am drinking mucho amounts of coffee, going on road trips with Corey (my 2nd shooter!) and our pup, listening to folksy goodness, and watching favorite shows like The Office, Parks and Rec, Doctor Who and Brooklyn 99.

I think of my clients in the wise words of Leslie Knope: Each of "you are a beautiful tropical fish. Smart as a whip and cool under pressure."

Want to learn more of how I became a photographer in the first place? It's a fairly unique story. You can read more below.

"You are a beautiful tropical fish. Smart as a whip and cool under pressure."

- Leslie Knope