Marci + Johnny | Pacific Northwest Elopement

Somehow I tend to find some of the goofiest, most down-to-earth humans in the entire world in this line of work. It is like we have the transporters from Star Trek that beam us to one another. I met Marci last year at Basal Coffee (RIP) in Charlotte, and I was nervous/excited because we were meeting about me potentially photographing her elopement out in Port Townsend, Washington.

| FUN FACT: I spent the first six years of my life in Washington (about 45 minutes away from Port Townsend), and I haven’t been back to visit since we moved to Ohio. |

After the first few awkward seconds of trying to figure out if it was indeed Marci who walked into Basal Coffee (RIP), she sat down and we immediately connected with our quirkiness. I knew I was destined to capture her unique story!

Fast forward several months, and we (Marci, Johnny, Corey and I) met up in Port Townsend to capture their vows and explore the area together. Marci rocked a mauve wedding dress, Johnny looked extra dapper in his blue suit and they stunned me with their HANDMADE wedding rings they created together at With These Rings. Their obvious joy and excitement was infectious, and they had us cry laughing basically the entire time.

So grateful for you Marci and Johnny; thanks for asking us to capture this special time! And also, bring us on your next adventure!

View more of the elopement here!

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