Easterday Creative | Senior Ambassador Program | Charlotte, North Carolina and South Carolina


Easterday Creative Senior Ambassadors care about more than being popular or the next Tik-Tok star (which is fun too, obvi!). They stand out among their peers by caring for their community and being leaders that empower and inspire others. Do you think you have what it takes? Keep reading!

Who are Easterday Creative Senior Ambassadors?

They are senior students within the Charlotte metro area who are leaders among their peers. An Easterday Creative Senior Ambassador not only has high academic standards, but they also care about their community and empower people they come in contact with. EC Senior Ambassadors also have engaging, fun and outgoing personalities who know the importance of having empathy toward others and desire to befriend those who may not be a part of their “group.”

How do I know being an Ambassador is right for me?


You love to empower and encourage others.


Having a community of like-minded, yet open and inclusive individuals is important to you.


You know the importance of sharing stories that can not only inspire others, but help them know they're not alone.

Easterday Creative | Senior Ambassador Program | North Carolina and South Carolina

What is required of Easterday Creative Senior Ambassadors?

First and foremost, be ready to have some fun! At Easterday Creative we love to explore new places, try new things and grow as leaders. So you better be ready for this new adventure we’ll embark upon together!

You must be a person of high integrity with a willingness to learn and ability to communicate well with your peers.

You need to be actively involved on social media so that you can share about your Senior Ambassador experience! You don’t need to be an “influencer” in the typical sense of the word, but you do need to be a positive influence with your friends.

You will meet monthly with Megan of Easterday Creative to learn about advertising and marketing best practices as well as learn new leadership skills…all while having a good time and making new friends!

You will be required to share your experiences with Easterday Creative. You will learn how to advertise through word-of-mouth and using Ambassador business cards, how to create effective social media posts and Google reviews all while part of the program.

You will model for your individual senior photo session as well as up to two group photo sessions throughout your senior year with the other Easterday Creative Ambassadors.

You will commit to only representing Easterday Creative throughout the year and only take photos with Easterday Creative. If you choose to go with another photographer, you will be released from the EC Senior Ambassador Program.

You will stay free of illegal activities to include but are not limited to use of drugs and alcohol and posting inappropriate content on social media. As an Ambassador, you recognize that shaming and bullying is never acceptable and strive to be a positive influence to those around you.

What will an Easterday Creative Senior Ambassador receive?

A mentor! With this program, not only will you get beautiful photos to remember this special time in life, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn what it means to become an adult-leader. At the completion of a successful ambassadorship, you will receive a glowing college or job recommendation!

A free solo Senior Ambassador photo session with five digital images.

Two group Ambassador photo sessions.

Additional free products and gift cards when your referred seniors book with Easterday Creative.

Opportunities to go to rad coffee shops and lunch spots while making new friends!

Potential free future photo sessions dependent on number of referrals.